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I’m a paragraph. Double click

me or click Edit Text. It's easy  to make it your own.

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Fill in the questions below to get started learning music toady!

After you submit this form, you will receive an email (in 1-2 business days) with available times slots for you to 

you may also ask any other questions you have

Choose your Instrument(s)

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Lessons are $25 per half hour. And 30 min a week is good for age 8. We'll schedule one lesson a week, and usually meet at the same time each week. (But schedules are flexible) 👍

Guitar students will learn all aspects of the guitar from beginning to advanced. They'll learn chords, scales, reading music and many other techniques, but other than that, all my students actually get to pick the songs that they'll learn in class, from any style they like. 🙂

Online lessons are held through Facetime, Zoom, Skype, or Facebook Messenger. I have a full lesson studio set up with tons of resources for the kids, multiple cameras so students can easily see me give examples on the instruments. I email homework to the students each week and I'm currently working on doing a virtual recital so kids can perform and show what they are learning. So online is very much the same as in-person lessons, but online lessons definitely cost a little less and scheduling is way easier, since your not driving to a location. 🙂👍

If you guys are interested in getting started let me know. Please feel free to ask any questions you have. 🙂 And you guys are completely welcome to try it out, with no obligations. 🙂

I have availability in the mornings through the evening, Mondays and Thursdays are my most open days right now.   
Here's my current openings. If none of these times work for you guys let me know and I can probably move some stuff around. 👍

Lesson Rates and Schedules

Below you can sign up for classes by requesting a time slot, as well as ask any questions you have.

All courses are month to month, pay as you go, no subscriptions and no binding. Take as many or as few lessons as you need.

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