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Vocal Musicianship Course Description

  Instructor - Anthony Soto
  Telephone - 209-603-0980
  Email –

Course Content:
  A study of harmonic practice applied to the Voice, with emphasis on the late 18th, 19th  and early 20th century. Understanding works by “ the Masters” Vocal skills, Reading Music, Ear training, and Music Theory will be the main focus in study and in preparation for performances.

Syllabus Summary:
Breathing               Phonation                    Resonance              Reading Music                 Microphones             Scales                       Repertoire                Vocal Parts             Posture                     Rhythm                      Harmony                  Composing                 
Student Obligations:  
The student must complete all assigned work in a timely fashion 
The student must demonstrate continuous progress with the Voice 
The student must maintain a satisfactory grade throughout the lessons
The student must build a repertoire of singable pieces

All Students will be invited to perform at one or more recitals through out the year

Promise To Pay Contract
Payment systems can be set up in two forms; 1) Pre-pay – wherein the student pays the teacher for the whole month at once, for all the lessons in that month, at the first lesson of that month. Or 2) Per lesson – wherein each lesson is paid for one at a time upon completion of said lesson. Any and all late payments are subject to a fee of 20% of the agreed lesson cost.                 

Cancellation Policy
  All lessons are set up to be scheduled for an agreed time and day, and then promised to be held that same time on that same day each week until a new time is decided, or lessons
     Cancellation Policy continued on next page

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