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Learn Music From Home

1 on 1 Music Lessons, through live video chat.

Ask questions, work together and learn

new songs every week

Fun Lessons, Productive Curriculums   

Learn techniques from beginning to advanced.

Play all your favorite songs. 

Graduate up through levels of musicianship.

Personalized Music Lessons

Customized lessons, beginning to advanced.

Learn to play all your favorite songs.

Music lessons your way!

Pro Courses 

Song writing. the business of Music, Studio Recording,

Improvising. How to lead a band and more,  

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Meet Your Coach 

Anthony Soto

"A whole new approuch to music lessons"

how to get signed up


-How many students. Please select how many students will be taking lessons
-Select instrument. Please select all the instruments that you would like to start lessons on.        
click a price/min. please select from one of the lesson options below. Keep in mind that you will always be able to switch between 60 minute and 30 minute lessons at any time throughout the course. 
Where about do you live?  Because I come to you. Please don’t give your exact address at the moment, just let me know where about you live so that I can let you know if I’m available, and I can factor your location into my schedule, and drive time. Thank you.  
Select the best times and days. Please select ALL the times and days that you would be available to have your weekly lesson, and I will reply with witch ones I am available for. The more times you give me the easy it is to begin our lessons right away. 
Comments box, please leave any comments, questions, or special requests below. 

Don’t want to fill out a lesson request? Click here if you just want to ask some questions. (link to page with FAQ at the top, “Ask questions” at the bottomThanks
Click here to learn more 


lesson times are flexible and ....
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UpBeat Online Music Lessons is your one stop shop for online music lessons.

You can take Piano, Guitar, Voice, Drums, and Bass lessons all from the comfort of your own home.

Learn Music From Home

1 on 1 private music lessons, with an experienced music teacher, 

Interact live through video chat. Ask questions, work together and 

receive emails with new songs and curriculum every week,


1 on 1 Music Lessons, through live video chat.

Ask questions, work together and learn new songs every week

Totally Custom Music Lessons


Extremely flexible schedules that cater to your availability. take as many or as few lessons as you like

classes held year-round classes. Learn more than one instrument at the same time.

Graduate up through

levels of musicianship.


Customized lessons, Flexible schedules,

classes held year-round. Learn more than one instrument at the same time.

Music lessons your way!

Fun lessons with productive curriculums   

Learn techniques from beginning to advanced.



Learn how to play all your favorite songs,


Learn techniques from beginning to advanced.

Play all your favorite songs. 

Graduate up through levels of musicianship.

Take Pro Courses 

Song writing. Instrument repair. Music business, Recording,

Improvising. How to lead a band and more,  


Song writing. the business of Music, Studio Recording,

Improvising. How to lead a band and more,  

 Achieve your musical goals!

All at a fraction of the cost of other music courses.

Start your music journey here

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The music lessons that kids actually like. Our core philosophy is to keep the city's learning long enough and they themselves will she got for music education week out seek out more education The student guided approach. I already have all the curriculum it doesn't matter what song with select. I can impose micro column on that song as well as instruct me encountered technique requirements

Fun classes for the recreational player. Adaptive curriculums that makes learning an instrument fun and easy.  Let us know what songs you want to learn and we’ll teach them to you.

Progressive curriculums that are shaped different for each student, based on each students own likes. 

get better at karaoke or learn a song for a loved one,

Learn a song just for a loved one. Sing better at church. Start a family band.
We can do it all


tired of trying to learn from youtube or other instructional apps? take lessons with an actual music teacher has never been easier!

have access to my complete virtual studio and many resources such as instruments, books, song library, 

include picture 

I have questions about what instrument to pick. Need help deciding What you need to get started. I can help you with Selecting the right instrument for you. I'm always getting asked that question, and I'm happy toSend links toHelp you find the right instrument my instrument, accessory, Options and let you know where the best deals are. As well as getting your instrument all set up and tuned up  


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